The Day After

Well It’s the day after and I didn’t win.  Congratulations to those that did:  President Dan Peat, VP Protective Services Lisa Etienne, VP Council Services Shannon Smith, Treasurer Chris Prest and Recording Secretary John-Paul Cote (me).  Yes, I did rundown to become Recording Secretary so I would have a larger say in things with District 22 because RS is a voting, executive member.

Thank you to Darren Moore and Mike Breaton for running and taking the time and effort to bring their vision of D22 forward.  It is an exhausting process having to teach, campaign and continue with everything else in life.

As you can see, the blog still lives and has been renamed Teaching In Twenty Years.  This is now the focus: getting ready for what is coming or, for that matter, catching up to what is happening.

It’s tough trying to change a system.  Systems are designed to do one very important thing: continue the system.  Once inside it is difficult to see out and understand that you are a part of it.  My biggest concern will be moving this system.  What is coming will require a lot of change in teachers, OSSTF and D22.  I hope we are ready for it.

“If I had of asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for a faster horse.” – Henry Ford.  It’s tough to recognize what is the future.  I hope we can before too long.

2 thoughts on “The Day After

    • Thanks, Brent. I appreciate the support. Becoming Recording Secretary puts me on the executive with a vote and a voice so I intend to keep working for the changes we need . . . starting with the AGM apparently (A 10pm finish was a bit ridiculous). And two years isn’t that long off for the next try. I hope to keep hearing from you and others about things going on and getting your points of view. They will be a big help letting me know if I am off the mark or missing things.

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