2+/ Improving Communications – Where Is Our Website?

So I go and do a search for OSSTF D22 using Google. Guess what I don’t find? Our website. D22’s website does not make it onto the first page of a google search. The provincial page listing the districts does. Two PDFs from our site do. Dan’s Twitter feed, foursquare, my LinkedIn account, Cathy Renfrew(?), youtube, oise, keyword software, a Facebook reference, our temporary wikispace page, and more make it in a search before our actual D22 page. This is how much attention we pay to communications in the 21st century. This is how relevant D22 is.

Our new website, started by CPAC, has been slowly moving forward over the last ten months. Why ten months? The developer we are working with had our Governor Simcoe page up and running in three weeks. Our website, our face to the world is simply not worth the time. It’s on the list of things to do but it is no where near the top. Our plan is to preview the site at the AGM. I hope we can launch it but it depends if the time is finally given to do this.

A website is today one of the basic, central pieces of any organization’s communications with either its members or the public. We have been frustrated by an unfriendly, difficult to use and to find website for a number of years. Now we are still waiting to join the 21st century.

This is something that needs to be made a priority. It’s another reason why our members feel ignored and the public knows nothing about us. Communications IS THE priority is any successful organization. If you can’t talk to one another, how can you talk to the world?

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