4/ Never Using Extra-Curriculars As A Weapon Again

For something that actually impacts 10% to 15% of the student body, it cost us so much more. We were hammered relentlessly in the media and by politicians for it. We gained little clout with anyone from doing it. We damaged our brand, split the membership with negative feelings and cost us jobs. The reason why we had such a huge surplus list wasn’t just because of school closings or declining enrollment. It was because we lost students to the Catholic board because of extra-curriculars. We lost an estimated 1000 jobs across the province. At Governor Simcoe alone, our enrollment came in over 120 students short of projections. How many did your school lose? We should never again use a weapon that is so divisive to ourselves. How can we fight our enemies if we are fighting ourselves?

We have other more effective avenues to use.  We don’t have to cancel ECs to draw attention to our cause.  There is social media.  What would thousands of member blogs, comments on mainstream media websites, Facebook campaigns look like?  How much would an actual strategic plan dealing with media impact the spread of our message?  What about a good ol’ rally?  Seeing thousands of people marching on Queen’s Park and the Liberal Leadership convention gave us positive rather than negative media attention because we did not hand our enemies the default “greedy, selfish, teachers”.

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