3/ Bargaining Tactics

What was our answer to the education/labour/political crisis? Work-to-rule and pull extra-curriculars. Tried and true because we didn’t know what else to do. Wrong answer. Our tactics were created in the 1970s and perfected in the 1980s. Things have changed but our tactics have not. No one cares about the actual quality of education anymore. It is all pie charts and dollar signs, bar graphs and spending. So let’s hit them where it hurts. You don’t cancel extra-curriculars, you run more. Cost them money. You don’t work-to-rule, you sign up for every, single DSBN workshop or PD you can find. Cost them money. That is a language they understand. These were tactics suggested by members before we went into battle mode. What happened? New ideas met the old guard.

Some tactics we have are still effective – nothing says love to the DSBN like the paperwork brought on by a stack of grievances – but we need new ideas and leaders who will listen to them.  Social media is free of main stream bias and influence.  Everyone can comment on biased stories from the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and the Globe and Mail.  Where was our campaign on those fronts?

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