2/ Improving Communications With Ourselves

At a TBU meeting not so long ago with our provincial executive representative present a member stated “We are not bring communicated with”. The response from a member of our executive was “Yes you are. We have sent out more updates than ever before.” I heard two things there – someone saying there was a problem to someone who could do something and that person, not listening, telling them they were wrong. There is a problem. It is about the direction and quality. There is little going up and, while a lot being sent down, not what we need to hear. Things such as the Facebook group have helped. It has introduced me to so many more teachers than I had known before and a chance to listen to and share with. It was opposed by the district executive, where I could not speak on it, and I had to insist on taking it to the TBU where it was approved.

We have access to other social media and technologies, such as Google+ for meetings, tablets and mini-projectors that could vastly improve our communications. We need someone with the knowledge and desire to introduce them.

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